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Aussie businesses load up on light commercial vehicles

Australian businesses have shifted things up a gear this year, with new asset finance figures revealing a 187% rise in light commercial vehicle purchases since January. The spike in business vehicle financing was driven by sales of all classes of vehicles, no doubt partly due to SMEs making the most of the federal government’s temporary full expensing scheme (aka instant asset write-off) ahead of June 30. Here’s a quick snapshot of the Commonwealth Bank’s (CBA) business financing figures by vehicle…...
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What are Australia’s most popular vehicles? The 2020 results are in

Long gone are the days of Holden vs Ford. These days it’s all about the SUV vs the great Australian ute. So which vehicle type topped the list in 2020? Let’s wind back the clock a bit. It’s the year 2000: we’ve dodged Y2K (phew!), you can still photograph your kids sitting next to the pilot, and you’re either a fan of Peter Brock (Holden) or Dick Johnson (Ford) - never both. Back then the Holden Commodore and Ford Falcon…...
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Happy New Year! Here’s to a prosperous 2021!

Well, that was a year for the history books. Time to start looking forward, we reckon! And the good news is 2021 offers plenty of promise. So what’s your New Year’s resolution? While we saw the national housing market dip throughout the middle of 2020, it's already started to recover, and many experts predict it'll rebound even stronger in 2021 as the COVID-19 vaccination is rolled out across the country. With that optimistic outlook in mind, now’s a great time…...
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How the instant asset write-off applies to vehicles

Got your eye on a shiny new vehicle for your business thanks to the $150,000 instant asset write-off? We've got the answers to the FAQs many business owners are asking ahead of the looming EOFY deadline. Need a new van for that delivery service your business has started? Or perhaps your trusty old ute is now more ‘old’ than ‘trusty’. To help businesses with cash flow amidst the coronavirus pandemic, the federal government has increased the instant asset write-off threshold…...
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