Investment Property Loans

Investment property loans

Secure your future with the right advice and loan

Investing wisely in property can provide solid, tax-friendly returns and security. A key to success, and reducing risk, is finding a suitable loan and having expert guidance throughout your journey.

What can a Finance House advisor do for me?

Offer invaluable advice and guidance
Whether you’re a first-timer or an experienced property investor, your Finance House broker provides the expertise and answers you need to feel confident about your investment property loan and purchase.

Make everything easy to understand
They’ll walk you through different scenarios and clearly explain how much you can borrow, all the costs involved, the potential risks, and what to expect at every step towards buying your investment property.

Help you reach your investment property goals
One property or a portfolio? Short-term or long-term? Cash flow or capital growth? Your broker can walk you through loan options that will help you achieve your unique goals.

Find a better investment loan
Your broker will compare investment property loans from a wide range of leading lenders to find that one that really fits – so you never need to lose sleep wondering if you missed out on something better.

Structure your loan smartly
Creating real wealth investment property is not about an attractive interest rate. Your broker can explain how different loans, deposit, ongoing payments and more all come into play.