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Finance House is a 100% Australian Owned & Operated Mortgage brokerage located in Sydney servicing clients Australia wide.

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We can only show you the door


What you do with the information we provide you, is up to you. We will give you all the tools and information we can to help you to make an informed decision. But, whether you take the next step is 100% in your hands. We believe in helping people who help themselves.

We won't talk to your other broker or bank


We believe in honouring our client’s trust. Every conversation you have with a Finance House team member is strictly confidential. We will present you with our Privacy Policy after our initial conversation and we will adhere to those guidelines from now and till long after your debt is paid.

"Looking good Roger"


Did we mention our service is free? Yes, that’s right – Zip, Zilch, Zero. How? We represent you, and we get paid by the banks for introducing you. The fee we get paid by each lender for introducing you is marginally the same across the board so there is no bias to a particular lender.

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