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What can a finance house advisor do for me?

Refinancing, or switching home loans, can save you a lot of money. It can also free up cash for renovations, future purchases or even be used to consolidate and clear outstanding debts. A Finance House Adviser will help you work out if it’s the best option for you and, if so, arrange the perfect home loan and structure for your needs.

Secure a competitive interest rate

Refinancing to a home loan that offers a lower interest rate can reduce your monthly repayments. You’ll need to weigh up any costs involved for switching loans.

Move between variable and fixed rates

With a fixed rate, you know what you’re up for over a period of time. However, when interest rates are low, you may want to take advantage of a variable rate and accept the risk that rates can rise in the future

Find you a great rebate! 

We will not only find you a great rate and save you money per month but we will also inform you about any rebates that are currently on offer. To find out what rebate you are entitled to, simply enter your information at the bottom of this page or head over to our Rebate Finder.

Access equity in your home

Equity is the difference between the market value of your home and the amount you still owe on your loan. With some loans you can access this money to grow your wealth, buy investments or use for personal goals.

Consolidate your debt

Home loan interest rates are usually much lower than interest you’d pay on credit cards, car loans and personal loans. Bringing them together in one lower interest rate loan might save you on payments, fees and time spent juggling and managing your debt.

Refinancing costs

As with any new loan, there are costs involved in changing loans. It’s important to weigh up what you’ll need to pay out against all the benefits of refinancing your home loan.

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